Mexican Specialties

Comida de Sorpresas

So often, what delights us  most about a dish is an unexpected combination flavors, the familiar, but in a new way. In this menu, we use watermelon in the appetizer, avocado in the soup, tomatillos raw in a salad and do a Mexican twist on what can only be called a lasagna. Provecho!


Jicama and watermelon with olive oil, balsamic reduction crushed basil and orange salt from Sal de Vida


Chilled Avocado Soup

Ensalada de dos tomates- 
red tomatoes and tomatillos with organic baby spinach and a chipotle lime vinaigrette


Torta Azteca-  layers of mild Poblano chiles, Queso Oaxaca, tortillas and Chorizo.

Served with frijoles negros a la olla (black beans stewed for 24 hours in a clay pot, which imparts a subtle but distinctive flavor)


Chocolate Chiptole flourless torte with cayenne whipped cream

Cafe a Canela

Prix Fixé $50/person


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