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Comida Afrancesada- FrenchMex fusion

The 1800’s brought the brief yet important colonization of Mexico by the French (ending in the infamous Battle of Puebla on the 5th of May, or Cinco de Mayo). With the empire of Maximilian and the presidency of Porfirio Díaz came what is now known in Mexico as La Comida Afrancesada. Some of the important cooking methods and ingredients of this fusion were caldos (broths), baño a la Maria (the method of using vapor to cook, as in a double-boiler or placing a baking pan in a casserole of water in the oven, and the introduction of mousses, quiche and salmon imported from France.

Volvones de Pollo en Mole 

Vol-au-Vent Puff (pastry shells), chicken morsels, traditional Poblano Mole


Volvones de Camarones Alfrancesada

amuse bouche- volovanes de camaron.jpg

Vol-au-Vent Puff (pastry shells), baby shrimp, tarragon buerre blanc

Quail in Rose and Hibiscus Sauce

Screen shot 2015-04-06 at 1.40.35 PM

Quiche de Calebaza

Mexican white zucchini, mild poblano chiles, Mexican Manchego cheese


Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 3.00.49 PM
photo by Adriana Almazan Lahl from Celebraciones Mexicanas: History, Traditions and Recipes by Andrea Lawson Gray and Adriana Almazan Lahl, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

 fresh-baked bolillos (Mexican bread rolls) spread with well-fried frijoles a la olla  (bean stewed in a clay pot for 24 hours, the pot imparts a subtle but distinctive flavor), topped with chorizo, Mexican Manchego cheese and pico de gallo

Avocado Mousse with Brie, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

served with baguette croutes

Crepas de Huitlacoche

Corn Truffle Crepes (seasonal)




Steamed egg custard, made with cream, milk and Queso Fresco, with caramel topping
Classic French Cheeses from Mission Cheese, let us have our sommelier recommend a dessert wine.

Crepas de Dulce de Leche


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