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Tasting Stations: Skewers & Kabobs

Tasting Stations are a fun way to do dinner or a cocktail party. They don’t require traditional tabletop service (flatware, dinner plates, etc.), are great for traffic flow and especially work well if your guests are not arriving all at once or you don’t have enough space for seating for a more traditional dinner service. Click here for more Tasting Station ideas!

Bruschetta Skewers G  

Baby Mozzarella, Napa Valley Olive Oil, Basil and Balsamic Reduction

Photo by rkennethbuck

Chicken on Sugar Cane Skewers, G

Plantain-peanut Sauce

Photo by Blue Tofu
Photo by Blue Tofu

Shrimp / Proscuitto / Rosemary Skewers

shrimp-skewers-rosemary-proscuittoGrilled Pork Kebabs, G

Mint-cucumber Yogurt Sauce

Photo by kae71463
Photo by kae71463

Beef or Chicken Satay G

Photo by Yvonne.Es R
Photo by Yvonne.Es R

Tequila- flambéed Shrimp Skewers, G

orange-chile sauce

Photo by martine-michelle Dinner Group 2008

Tuscan Chicken & Sausage Skewers G

 gluten-free ‡ vegetarian


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