Client Reviews & Awards


From Bryon O. Jan 15, 2017,  5 STARS

“I hired Chef Gray for a 40th birthday dinner for my wife. She prepared great food and felt amount of food served justified the cost would definitely recommend.”

From Jenna B. Oct. 1, 2016, 5 STARS

“Thanks so much for a fabulous evening! It turned out so much better than I ever could have hoped. It was truly special for my parents and the food was fabulous!! Thanks for working with our group and making it a delightful experience.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 1.51.22 PM

From Elissa B. June 10th 2016, 5 STARS

“It was all great. Exceptional food. Worked with us when we wanted to eat in front of the Warriors game and seved us each course plated individually when we had requested an appetizer buffet. Left the kitchen spotless. Exceptional all around!!”

From McKenna C. May 11, 2016, 5 STARS

“She was a fabulous chef and made it fun and exciting for our guests. She was the perfect chef for our event because she lightened the mood and made what could have been awkward (corporate retreat hosted at an air bnb with no alcohol) not uncomfortable at all! She was interactive and talkative. She even chimed in on our discussion about shared economy since she is an expert in the field. I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking for a fun, entertaining, and delicious dinner!”

From May W. April 11, 2016, 5 STARS

“We all loved this experience! Chef Gray helped figure out a menu that suited the occasion. She and her crew served amazing tacos with tastes that made everyone sigh. They were also most accommodating about serving the food in an area we hadn’t considered but needed due to the coolness of the evening. When we later moved inside, the food arrived seamlessly, course after course. And, when the event was finally done, the kitchen looked like no one had been in it at all.”

From Sheila R. March 9 2016, 5 STARS

“Andrea helped me with an engagement party for my brother. I had a number of food restrictions and personalities that she was able to work into the menu. No one felt like that were left out! She helped me with decor and brought a great staff to help her. The party was a huge success and everyone is still talking about how great the food was! Thank you Andrea!!”

From Sierra H. Dec. 10, 2015, 5 STARS

“Andrea did an outstanding job. I could not have asked for a better fit. She is experienced, professional, and easy to work with. She was uber-responsive to txts, accommodative regarding payment method, and flexible regarding food preferences. My team loved her high-quality food selection for the main course and the finesse of the appetizer, initial courses, and desserts. For instance, the chocolate-covered strawberries were custom-made with coconut shreds, dark chocolate, and praline. She dressed the part and brought a wonderful helper / assistant along. She shopped at the best meat shop in SF, and the king salmon tasted amazing- buttery, rich, and fresh. She cleaned up 100%, and left the kitchen cleaner than she found it. Finally, she was able to get this production for 11people together in less than 48 hours. I’d definitely recommend her and her staff, as well as hire her again. Thank you, Chef Gray!”

From Annabelle R. July 13, 2015,5 STARS

“I can’t say enough about Andrea’s catering service. Food was not only DELICIOUS it was unique. A feast of spicy flavors. Each dish was well prepared–cooked to perfection. Andrea was very easy to communicate with. Very patient even through my busy event preparation stage. She arrived on time on each of our meetings, returned every phone call or email. Most importantly, she easily set up all our food for our garden party in very timely fashion.

I’ll definitely use Andrea again and highly recommend her for all catering events!!”


From Paul W.May 17, 2015, 5 STARS
“Before the event, Andrea took great care to create a menu that would fit our party. At the party, she and her staff created a wonderful dinner and they were very friendly without creating any distractions. I can definitely recommend her.”
From Lana G. April 25, 2015, 5 STARS
“Andrea served a delicious meal and provided amazing service. We had a 5 course sit down dinner and she timed it perfectly with each dish presented beautifully.”

From Nikki April 9, 2015 5 STARS

Delicious food, great service, kitchen perfectly clean afterward! The easiest and best dinner party for 12 people I have ever hosted!!”

From Brayton Feb.15, 2015

“Andrea was great, all dishes were special and a few with a surprising kick. She was wonderful to work with and would highly recommend her!”

From Christophe Jan. 11, 2015″Andrea did a fantastic job to help me throw a private dinner party for my wife’s birthday. We were 23 guests and Andrea was very constructive and helpful in devising a menu with my feedback. Execution was flawless and she left the kitchen in pristine condition. Highly recommended.”

From Larry Oct. 27, 2014

“I hosted a 50th birthday dinner at our home last night form my wife and 12 of her close girl friends. Senorita Gourmet Andrea Gray catered a Mexican themed dinner for us and did an outstanding job. The ladies absolutely loved it and my wife could not have been more pleased with her birthday dinner. Thank you Andrea.

We interviewed three other private chefs for our dinner before deciding to go with Andrea. She was the most professional, the most responsive, and by far the most creative. Of course we wanted great food (Andrea can deliver that), but we were also looking for something unique and creative, without being stiff and formal. Enter Andrea, with her Mexican themed dinner complete with her own plates, glasses and table decorations. Fun, Festive, and Uniquely Fresh!

As for the food and drink. Key highlights were the Raspberry Mojitos, Avocado Soup, Quiche de Calebazita, and Mexican Corn Cake. I highly recommend the Una Senorita Gourmet.”

From Roxanne July 15, 2014

“We hired Chef Gray to prepare an intimate birthday dinner for my boyfriend. She was wonderful to work with. She prepared a creative menu and worked with me to align it to his food restrictions and tastes, while still keeping the interesting flavor combinations that attracted me to her work in the first place. She was on time, well-prepared, and efficient, and the food was fresh, unique, incredibly tasty, and perfectly presented. The kitchen was left orderly and clean. Beyond that, she was very pleasant, professional, and friendly, and we had a lovely conversation at the end of the evening. I would definitely recommend her to friends”.
Roxanne D.

From Neal W. Intimate Wedding Reception (35 guests) June 21, 2014 

“We were all very happy with the flavor and quality of the food, Andria customized the menu to our taste and was pleasant and personable. She is an artist in the kitchen”

From H.G. February 17, 2014

“Andrea made our day! Plenty of food of the highest quality done with an imagination of an experienced chef. The service was great and she cleaned up so that there was little to do after the party. I highly recommend her.”



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