Modern Mexican Chef’s Tasting Dinner


Elote Pops: our version of a Mexican street food favorite, grilled, dusted with lime butter and cotija cheese, topped with mu signature Burnt Chipotle Mecca Salsa

Charred Elote Bites

Salpicon de Mariscos Mixta: “salpicon” literally translates as a “jumble”, I use crabmeat and shrimp with fresh lime and chile, served on a housemade tostada

Alas Locas- “crazy” chicken wings, select from Mole, Chipotle BBQ, Mexican Dry Spiced

chicken wings riNux
photo by riNux

Handmade Blue Corn Tortillas / Black Bean Spread/ Chorizo & Wild Mushrooms

Black Bean Hummus Chorizo Mushrooms

Black Bean Spread /Charred Panela & Avocado

Tapenades / Flatbread

Poblano / Black Olive / Fig

 Hearts of Palm

Mini-Tlacoyos: nopalito (green), blue corn and achiote (orange) masas and broccoli / Queso Oaxaca and Sweet Potato / Goat Cheese fillings with Poblano Aioli

Tlacoyos After


Seared Scallop/ Burnt Chipotle Mecca Salsa

Scallop Spoons

House cured Tequila-Cilantro Salmon Rosettes on Cucumber Coin


Tostadita de Pollo en Mole
Blackkberry mole / handmade “green” nopalito-corn tortilla / shredded chicken / Queso Cotija / plantain chip

  • blackberry-mole-small-tortilla-app

Chilled Avocado Soup / Seared Chipotle Shrimp

Avocado Soup

  • ••

Panzanela Mexicana

crusty baguette / Heirloom tomatoes / chayote / jicama / cucumbers / avocado

fresh tomatillos/ Queso Fresco / Balsamic vinaigrette

  • •••


Halibut Plate.JPG

Grilled Chilean Sea Bass grilled in Banana Leaf / Meyer Lemon & Peruvian Orange / Pasilla & Ancho Chile Adobo


Pistachio-crusted Salmon with Pistachio Pipian
(Pipians, similar to moles, are thick sauces made with seeds, nuts, chiles and spices)
Purple Peruvian Fingerlings / shredded rainbow carrots / roasted tomatillo half


Fresh Mango Salsa / Sweet Potato Plantain Mash


Fig Sorbet

Spiced Fig Sorbet / Pistachio Dust


Mexican Corn Cake

Cienna’s Agave & Rum Soaked Mexican Corn Cake



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