Blog: My Mission- Tastes of SF

IMG_1385 (1)San Francisco’s Mission District is a foodie paradise, a world of tastes unto itself and a crossroad, where food meets politics and where tech-elites meet immigrant families who have been Mission-dwellers for years. Multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, noisy, colorful, aromatic, its the perfect place to live and work if you want to write about food, traditions and culinary justice. A Mission resident since 1999, this is my backyard, a sprawling shopping mall of foods, spices, and flavor; and in it, I am constantly discovering new gems, like a fruit from Mexico that’s only available for a week just before Christmas (tejocotes) or a restaurant that converts its menu and name one night week to support and celebrate free-range, sustainably sourced hogs (Regalito becomes Pigalito on Tuesdays). Join me on a journey to where food is more than a passion, its a destination.

Check out my blog on food in San Francisco’s Mission district here!


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